> WHO I AM <


Born June 12th, 1992 in Vienne (France), I have moved to Grenoble at the age of 17 to start my studies at the Grenoble’s Political Sciences Institute; this is when I have discovered freestyle skiing.

I first started being more involved in skiing by filming with our crew « Hippy Family » or with my friend Mathieu Mazuel, who realized most of my videos and edits. Filming is still one of the aspects in skiing that I enjoy the most.

The following years have been amazing for me, with my selection in the National slopestyle team in 2013, and the discovering of trips, competitions, all what is related to skiing, that have made my passion for this sport increase even more.

My master in International Organizations has finally came to an end in January 2015, so 2015 has been my first full international competing season, which has been a very rewarding and motivating experience.

Since then all my projects and objectives have been focused on skiing, including Slopestyle and Bigair Worldcup Circuit, filming in the parks and the streets, and travelling the world to ski amazing places.

Get to know a bit more through this website !

Cheers :)