Kangaroo trip 2015

Some pictures from our trip in Australia !

A one month trip filled with awesome people, skiing and moments, this one is définitively for the books :)


One of the first days, the city in which we live (Jindabyne), welcomes us with a beautiful sunset over the lake:

Jindabyne’s lake:

Skiing in Perisher park, lap number 1547 with Emma :) Skiing here was so good !


Some pictures on Perisher park’s rails features:

Photo: Quentin Ladame

Photo: Quentin Ladame


The best rail ! Photo: Quentin Ladame

The best rail ! Photo: Quentin Ladame


Photo: Quentin Ladame

Photo: Quentin Ladame


Down flat down


Cuban grab ! photo: Drift Innovation

Cuban grab ! photo: Drift Innovation


We had a real powder day ! It was so good to do some little turns :)

Happy pow faces with Lulu (Lucile Lefevre):


Australian mentality is on point :p


Hello friends ! Visit to the kangaroos with Lulu, Seb and Aluan.

« Who are those stupid french people looking at us?? »


The lake: our best playground for the month! After-ski soccer sessions were a lot of fun! (With Quentin, Seb, Aluan and Lulu).


One of the best sunset of the month :)




Day Off = road trip with the crew ! (Mister Quentin for the show !)

We went to visit some caves (The Yarrangobily caves), completely lost in the middle of New South Wales, a great moment !

Serious guys..

Serious guys..


The best crew :)

Enzo, Quentin and Emma.

Enzo, Blanchette, Quentin and Emma.


Crazy sunset again, on the way back from our road-trippin’ day !



The whole crew on the wall ! Another day off activity :)


At the end of the trip we spent 2 days in Sydney with Emma! Sydney is a crazy big city full of skyscrapers, beautiful gardens, beaches and big boats, and chinese yummy restaurants. We had an great time walking through the city, meeting nice people in the backpackers, visiting the different peninsulas… and surfing in Manly beach :D

View from the ferry to Manly beach. Opera house on the right :)

View from the ferry to Manly beach. Opera house on the right.


Emma D. photography. On point :)

Emma D. photography. Definitively on point! :)

Opera house !

Opera house !


Early morning happy footing selfie :) Perfect way to discover the city !

Early morning running selfie :) Perfect way to discover the city !


A big boat !

A big boat !


Guess what it is? ;)

Guess what it is? ;)


Thanks you so much guys for the great vibes all along this trip !

Emma, Henrik, Quentin, Enzo, Lulu, Seb, Aluan, Emilia, Panpan, Hugo… And all the others we met :)

Can’t wait to come back next year already !

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